Membership Updates and Committee


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New Units that Serve Female Youth Members

  • North Tempe – TBA
  • South Tempe – TBA
  • Ahwatukee
    Pack 178 in Ahwatukee is proud to be a family pack, welcoming girls into the world of Cub Scouts. Last year, we had two girls successfully bridge into Scouts  BSA and we have a handful more working their way up the ranks! As leaders for girls in Cub Scouts, our goal is to provide an inclusive and fun environment for our Scouts. That means running a program for girls where they can feel free to be themselves and empowered to learn more about friendship and the outdoors, have new experiences and build character. Our Girl Dens currently meet every first and third Thursday of each month at Mountain View Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee. (Elliott and 48th St) Please send any inquiries about joining us to
  • Chandler
    Troop 3280
    Crew 2280

  • Maricopa – TBA
  • Casa Grande
    Crew 2919
  • Yuma – TBA

Membership Notes

Be Prepared – When you are recruiting, be sure to be knowledgeable about the Scouting program.  It is important to know about events in your unit…both past successes and future plans.   Best of all, have Scouts ready to share some of their best experiences and why they enjoy Scouting.

If you don’t have answers to some questions, don’t make them up…refer the parents to someone who can answer.  Questions about BSA can be referred to our District Key 3.

Tools of the Trade – When recruiting, be sure to have pens and signup sheets at events that include spaces for the name of the youth, grade in school, a parent name, email address, and phone number. Give out brochures with contact information for your unit Key 3. Don’t forget to follow up in a timely manner after the event and either email or call the parents and invite them to come to the next unit event.  Always have Youth and Adult Applications with you.  Seize the moment!

Terminology -“unit” is a general term that refers to a pack, troop or crew and represents unity, that feeling when the Scouts and parents are working together to achieve common goals.

Please contact our Vice Chair of Membership, John McKenna if you have any questions or need information on starting new Packs, Troops, or Crews!