Record earned STEM Nova Awards in Scoutbook html icon or submit the BSA Advancement Report PDF icon (No. 34404) or Supernova Award Application PDF icon (No. 512-055, 2019 Feb) to your local council.

Paths through STEM Nova Program

The following recognition items are available for purchase at your local Scout Shop or online at html icon. STEM Nova Counselors must sign off on each requirement using the BSA Advancement Report (No. 34404). Or track completion in the free Scoutbook html iconmobile app (iOS and Android) designed to help busy parents keep up with busy Scouts.

Certificates should be presented for each STEM Nova Award earned. Scouts should include a copy of each STEM Nova Award certificate in college, job and scholarship applications. SKU 622538.


Patches. Scouts only need to order one patch, no matter how many STEM Nova Awards they earn in the corresponding BSA programs – Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing / Sea Scouts. Each program patch is the same design with a border color that corresponds to the appropriate BSA program. After earning the first STEM Nova Award, Scouts should be recognized with a Pi device (see below) for each STEM Nova Award earned subsequently to be attached to the patch.

Cub Scout Nova Patch – SKU 613042

Scouts BSA Nova Patch – SKU 618757

Venturing / Sea Scout Nova Patch – SKU 618670

Pi Device SKU 613037

Scouts should already have the STEM Nova Award patch obtained after earning his or her very first STEM Nova Award. For each subsequent STEM Nova Award earned Scouts should pin another STEM Nova Award pi device to the patch.


The BSA’s STEM Supernova Awards are designed to take Scouts on a deep dive in various STEM topics. Each Supernova Award has its own set of specific requirements outlined below.



  • Dr. Bernard Harris (Bronze)
  • Thomas Alva Edison (Silver)


  • Dr. Sally Ride (Bronze)
  • Wright Brothers (Silver)
  • Dr. Albert Einstein (Gold)